Rabu, 29 April 2015

How to create amazing content with freelance writers

You may already're doing any promotion, advertising or marketing campaign in social networks, but if you still have not created a blog you'll be wasting your time. The content marketing has become the star of any business strategy or online store. The target can be from increase visits to your website to capture leads or simply to create a community that will be useful your posts faithful readers. However, those who already have a blog will know how difficult it is to create original content with a good SEO positioning for organic visits. So now more than ever, the support of freelance writers with experience in such projects is critical to your online business.

6 steps to create content for freelance writers

It is not just about writing posts on a particular topic, to achieve the goals you set out need to manage the best sources of information, analyze the keywords of your business, writing thinking about the usefulness of the content, including quality links, search photos and banners become and, above all, to promote the articles published on social networks and blogs more suited to your goals. Therefore, there are 6 previous steps you should take before creating content with freelance editors:

1. Discover all the advantages of having a blog and take it!

If you've tried with different promotions and you spent money without getting the desired results for your business, you need to change strategy and focus all your efforts on maximizing the benefits of having a blog. Once you get to create content interesting about a particular subject-health, business, design, beauty, society, fashion ... - long term end up forming a true community that promotes you spontaneously, increasing your reputation online and at Therefore, your ability to attract potential customers.

2. Define good your product and your goals

What do you get with your content? You have to answer this question clearly from the beginning. Although freelance copywriters have to write varied and original not to bore your audience content should always have in mind a final goal: to sell a product, inform about your services, direct the reader to your website, get the data of a possible ... The sole purpose client must be present on all posts it is the utility, if the visitor does not consider useful or interesting your post will go upon entering, however much they have caught a screaming headline.
Our recommendation is a freelance designer to create a landing page that you can include in your posts, this way get convert readers into customers.

3. Research the keywords

In LanceTalent you can find freelance writers who analyze your business to find the right keywords. These keywords will make your posts are positioned on the front page of Google for your potential customers easily find the blog. For example, for a business selling mattresses, keywords could be "resting", "wellness", "buy mattress" "like sleeping well", "types of mattresses", "how to choose a mattress", etc.

4. Create a plan of contents

It is important to plan the number of posts you publish will take to get results in a given period. This plan must be aligned content with online marketing strategy that you implemented in your business, that is, the actions you're doing in your social networks and your email marketing campaigns.

5. Measure your results, experience and optimizes

Once you begin to publish content that is created freelance copywriter, you should be aware of the visits to your blog and your website and know which posts work best and you should avoid. To keep track of all the steps you go giving it is best to use Google Analytics.

6. Rate offers freelance writers LanceTalent and choose the profile you like

Now that you know all the advantages and the steps needed to create content relevant to your business online, you only have to fill out this form and start receiving bids from freelance editors who have been previously evaluated by LanceTalent. Thus, you only have to choose the professional profile that best suits your plan and content and your final budget.
Now ... follow these four tips for creating content for freelance writers

1. Make several goals for your blog

A blog requires a long term commitment that often would not be possible without the support of freelance editors who keep it updated and provide originality and freshness to your content. But before you answer these simple questions to define your goals and get the best professional:

    Why I created a corporate blog?
    What is my role in it?
    Why should anyone waste their time to visit and read my blog?
    What do I want my visitors to leave the blog?

2. Focus on the reader and research your audience

While a blog can help you attract customers, you should not obsess over this and all you get is losing visits. The freealance editor should focus on meeting the needs of the reader, analyze your behavior and your comments and eventually correct errors to make it as useful as possible to your audience.

The challenge is to be able to answer clearly and quickly to this question: What does this information is valuable to my readers?

3. Directs the freelance copywriter how many posts need and how many words should be included

The most important thing for a blog work, besides the quality of writing, is the frequency of publication. In fact, it is more advisable to write several small posts throughout the week to create one very long occasionally. Although, obviously, the ideal is to write long content to be better positioned in Google and do it consistently.

Most often publish two to three weekly posts about 1000 words. Although you can ask the professional to draft content of less than 300 words, these posts are not recommended because they are almost invisible to the search engines and therefore not serve to increase your organic visits.

Maintain a schedule of publication of posts is a good way to be true to your audience and sure appreciate sharing more often your content or creating positive comments towards your brand.

4. Choose the right tone for your posts

According to the idea that represents your business and the type of users who want to access your site, you must choose one of these tones to the editor note: